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Hi  There!

I'm Kassi Ernsberger,

Head of Artistry at Big Island Beauty & Bridal. I'm born & raised in Ohio but have been living on Hawai'i Island since 2019. I'm a self-taught makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist specializing in luxury beauty & bridal services. I'm so glad you found me, I feel like you came to the right place! I have been living, playing, and working in the beauty world for 10 years now; I can't wait to share my craft with you & help bring your vision to life!

My passion is

helping women express their most beautiful, confident self through the powerful art of beauty. I truly believe that it shouldn't be complicated or stressful and we should all be able to experience it!  From the first time I started applying lipstick and eyelashes on other people and saw how excited & confident they came out on the other side - I was hooked. I feel incredibly fortunate that I can connect with people from around the world through this medium. Most importantly,  I can't wait to connect with YOU and support you during some of your biggest moments. I love hearing about your overall vision, from what your dress is like & what earrings you're wearing to what kind of mood you want to set for the day. I really love to get to know you & your style, and how we can keep that at the forefront - because you should be the most glowing, authentic version of YOU. I know that how you look & feel sets the whole tone for the day, and I can't wait for you to enjoy every second!  

Photo by Jillian Murphy Photography

Where it all started...

I was always a wildly creative kid, you couldn't keep me from reading for hours & drawing on about anything I found (myself included). I went from wanting to be a painter, to a fashion designer, to a doctor and looking back I feel like I've been able to experience all three. I started out as a counter makeup artist with Clinique, while simultaneously studying  Physical Therapy/Pre-Med and eventually Fashion/Studio Art in college. I have always had a strong interest in both arts & sciences, but it took delving into both to truly discover where my heart lied. I spent a lot time studying the human body from both a scientific & artistic perspective and I always knew that there had to be a career path that intersected the two, while being able to take care of people in a genuine way. This sparked a magical journey into the beauty industry that has taken me on a ride more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined as a little girl all those years ago. I eventually became a licensed cosmetologist in 2016 which then gave me the freedom to explore & learn even more deeply about the so called 'world of beauty'. And one thing I've learned is true; it exists within and we all possess it! I've been continually both inspired and humbled by everyone in my chair along this journey, the pure magic, resilience, and radiance that exists in us all, and how the power of a little concealer & a great haircut can take us further than we ever expected.


Circa 1995


I believe that laughter is the best medicine and the best day of your life should have a whole lot of it!


I saw that too many women talked about their wedding days being "too stressful" and how they "couldn't wait to get it over with" - this made no sense to me and hurt my heart, honestly.

I chose to go into this industry to disrupt this notion - this day should be about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and goodness, even amidst the chaos.

I truly hope that you can experience & choose these as the tone for your big day. This mission is at the heart of my business! I love helping to create and support you in this - I can't wait to be apart of one of your biggest moments!

Living in a small community with limited resources really highlights the ways in which you spend your money. I feel strongly about exchanging my time for goods & services that come from passionate people with high integrity.

I believe this goodness infuses into our lives and enriches our everyday experiences.


I apply this not only to the products I purchase for myself, but for my clients as well. I only buy products from professional companies that I align with their values and ingredient integrity.


I hold a high standard of value & performance to the things I will put on your skin & your crown - as you deserve only the best!  - 

A wise teacher/client/friend of mine once told me that the key to figuring out a successful life is to intersect your passions and hobbies with ways that you are able to use them to help meet others needs.

I will never forget this imagery of the infinity sign - keeping our heart's work pouring into others and back into ourselves.


I keep this principle at the core of my heart and my business. I wouldn't be able to share my craft without you, and that's what keeps this all going. I can't wait to see the beauty & magic that we can create TOGETHER!

What keeps it all going...




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